Fiddle Tune Quick Listen Tool

This is the download link to DK’s Fiddle Tune Quick Listen Tool.

It provides web links to roughly 350 tunes. It includes all the tunes in the Jere Canote Tablature Collection. Dave Kreimer also added links to tunes played at various jams around Seattle.

Want to help enhance the tool? Send comments ideas or new tune names and links to Dave through the Contact email function at the top of the page.

Jere Canote’s Guitar Tablature


You can download Jere Canote’s String Band Class guitar tablature  by clicking here: Jere’s Guitar Tab 6-17

The file contains guitar tablature for the over 300 tunes that have been taught so far during the roughly 15 years of “String Band Class” held in Seattle Washington by Jere and Greg Canote and Candy Goldman. Each tab includes links to the recording of the instructors playing the tune as posted on the Old-time Banjo Tablature website.

The file will be updated each spring with all of the tunes taught during the previous three semesters.

Questions, comments, suggestions? Click “Contact” above and send an email to Dave who compiled the tabs, set up this site, and is an avid student.